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Dear Supporter Ji,

The Sikh Coalition gets things done.

That’s why we partnered with them to launch The Sikh Project photography exhibition because we understood that by working with them that we could maximize impact.

As the exhibition heads into its final day today in New York City, we are blown away by what has been accomplished. Over 5,500 visitors have come through the exhibition and nearly 20 million Americans had the opportunity to learn about the Sikh faith, community and traditions through the national and international media work that was done. As a non-Sikh visitor said to me the other day:

I have seen Sikhs before, but I have never looked past the turban and beard. This exhibition changed that for me.

Nothing about this project was easy and many doubted that it would be successful, but nearly two years after we first hatched this idea together, The Sikh Project has become a model for how the arts can be leveraged towards advocacy and education.

Maybe the most incredible part about this project was that it was done on a shoestring budget. We didn’t hire PR firms or consultants, and we didn’t fundraise millions of dollars to pay for the exhibition. We wanted to use the precious community funds to pay for the basics. Then we rolled up our sleeves and did the work together with many Sikh Coalition staff working hundreds of extra hours for months to stretch every dollar to make this possible.

That’s what the Sikh Coalition is about, and that’s why we all must continue to support them by donating today. The money you give to the Sikh Coalition is one of the best investments you can make.

15 years later, the Sikh Coalition is redefining what’s possible for the Sikh American community through their work in the courtroom, classroom, community and halls of Congress. This work is about protecting your civil rights, educating Americans and charting a better future.

We understood that there was no better organization in America for guaranteeing that The Sikh Project had impact. Will you help guarantee that impact continues? Please donate today.

Amit & Naroop
The Sikh Project Photographers

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