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Dear Supporter,

My name is Manpreet Kaur, and I am a graduate of the Sikh Advocate Academy, Class of 2011. I am an attorney in Texas and also a board member of the Sikh Coalition.

Please click here to apply. The deadline has been extended until April 14, 2017.

When I was growing up, Sikh Americans did not have organizations like the Sikh Coalition advocating for our rights. In the aftermath of 1984, when the reputation of Sikhs was constantly distorted in the media, we did not have an organized media strategy to counter these attacks. Our parents experienced workplace discrimination. Bullying was considered a rite of passage instead of a civil rights issue. Most Americans had no idea that Sikhs are followers of an independent religion. The violence and discrimination we faced after 9/11 jolted our community into action.

Please click here to apply. The deadline has been extended until April 14, 2017.

Thanks to the Sikh Coalition, our community has made significant progress addressing these challenges through strategic advocacy - and the Sikh Advocate Academy is an integral part of this effort. For one week, participants receive free training on government engagement, media strategy, and coalition building in support of civil rights and social justice. If you go through this training, you will learn things about advocacy that colleges and even law schools don't teach. You will network with passionate and talented people throughout the United States. You will gain marketable skills. Above all, you will be inspired!

Please click here to apply. The deadline has been extended until April 14, 2017.

In return for this training, you will partner with the Sikh Coalition on civil rights projects in your community. For example, you might build support for civil rights legislation, or represent the Sikh community on television, or be asked to help lead in better protecting Sikh youth against school bullying.

If you are a working mom like me -- or if you are still in college or graduate school -- and you have a passion for civil rights and ensuring that all Americans are able to live with dignity without worrying about violence or bigotry, you should apply to the Sikh Advocate Academy now. It's a free training, and it might just change your life. 

In Chardi Kala,

Manpreet K Singh
Houston Trial Attorney
Sikh Coalition Board Member
2011 Sikh Advocate Academy Graduate

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