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Dear Supporter Ji,

Last week, I wrote to ask you for your help because the Arizona State Board of Education is scheduled to vote on whether the state will include Sikhism in their history and social science standards.

The vote is scheduled for October 22, 2018 and this is the first time in 13 years that Arizona has revisited these standards. It will be at least another decade before they likely revisit them again. This important vote will determine if Sikhism and other minority faiths are included in the history and social science standards that will reach millions of public school students for a generation.

Since my first email, over 1,480 people have signed our petition telling the Arizona Board of Education to include Sikhism in public schools. This is an inspiring groundswell of community support, but we are counting on you and thousands more to sign before the vote!

Please sign the petition today so that we can show Arizona that Sikhs nationwide are paying attention to their actions.

For over a year, the Sikh Coalition has been working strategically with Sikh community members in Arizona to secure this victory. In April 2018, the draft standards proposed to the Arizona Board of Education included Sikhism.

However, in recent weeks, the outgoing Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Diane Douglas, introduced a last-minute proposal that could eliminate Sikhism from the new history and social science standards.

We need you to take action NOW to prevent this from happening.


  1. Sign the petition supporting the inclusion of Sikhism in Arizona public schools
  2. Share the petition on social media and text your friends and family to ask them to join

Since 2007, the Sikh Coalition has worked to successfully secure that Sikhism is taught in public schools in New Jersey, New York, California, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado and Idaho. In the next ten years, we have the goal of making sure that Sikhism is included in every state curriculum standard in our efforts to make our classrooms safer and more inclusive for Sikh students.

We can’t win this fight without you. We thank you for your support.

Chardi Kala (eternal optimism),

Pritpal Kaur
Education Director
The Sikh Coalition

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