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February 21, 2019
  • Easy Ways to Spread Sikh Awareness for Vaisakhi!

    February 21, 2019 (Washington, DC) - As Sikhs prepare to celebrate Vaisakhi this April, we invite everyone across America to help pass Sikh awareness resolutions in school districts, city councils and state governments.

    The Sikh Coalition is here to help you make Sikh Awareness & Appreciation Month (SAAM) a reality in your community! We have created a two-minute guide on how you can ask elected officials to honor and celebrate the Sikh community. We hope you can join the numerous cities and states proclaiming April as Sikh Awareness & Appreciation Month.

    “By using the Sikh Coalition’s SAAM Community Guide, securing a Sikh Awareness & Appreciation Month recognition was easier than I thought,” said Sikh Coalition Advocate Sudha Kaur. “The whole process took only ten minutes!”

    Watch our Facebook Live video featuring Ms. Kaur, who discusses her experience successfully passing a Sikh Awareness recognition in her hometown.

    Even if your city, state or school district has recognized Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month before, it will not automatically happen again this year, unless the government offices hear from the sangat. Asking well before April gives the best chance of success in securing an official Sikh awareness recognition.

    In 2011, the Sikh Coalition helped create and pass the nation’s first Sikh Awareness & Appreciation Month in California, home to the nation’s first gurdwara and the largest Sikh population in America. Since then, numerous cities and states have passed similar resolutions and proclamations to educate the public about Sikh history and values. Community members use this month to do Sikh awareness presentations, conduct gurdwara open houses, distribute anti-bullying resources in schools, and begin important conversations with non-Sikh community leaders.

    “Sikh awareness recognitions are incredible ways to forge better relationships between sangats and government officials while spreading Sikh awareness,” said Sikh Coalition Policy and Advocacy Manager Nikki Singh.

    Click here for our Sikh Awareness & Appreciation Month guide. Click here for an additional easy-to-use messaging resource for how to talk with an elected official about Sikh awareness.

    Are you looking to get the contact information of your local or state elected officials? Reply to this email with your zip code, and we will provide you with the contact information for your elected officials. We are also available as a resource for organizing events in your community to celebrate Sikhs.

    As always, the Sikh Coalition urges you to practice your faith fearlessly.
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Editing:Part 2: Celebrating Vaisakhi & Sikh Awareness Editing:Part 2: Celebrating Vaisakhi & Sikh Awareness  

Editing:Part 2: Celebrating Vaisakhi & Sikh Awareness Editing:Part 2: Celebrating Vaisakhi & Sikh Awareness