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February 26, 2019
  • [Take Action] Oppose Indiana’s Pending Hate Crime Bill

    February 26, 2019 (Washington, DC) – Indiana remains one of just five states without any hate crime legislation. Last week, the Indiana Senate gutted a proposed hate crime law by removing the most basic protections for groups targeted by bigotry. If this bill becomes law, it would do virtually nothing to protect Sikhs and other minority communities.

    Hate crime legislation must outline specific identities in order to be constitutional and provide clear guidance for enforcing the law. The only other state with a non-specific hate crime similar to Indiana’s pending hate crime bill is Utah, where no one has been convicted of a hate-based crime in the 20 years it has been in effect.

    “In order for us to further confront bigotry and hate violence, we need states to pass strong hate crime legislation,” said Senior Manager of Policy and Advocacy, Sim J. Singh. “Indiana’s Senate Bill 12 does not protect any specific class of people and therefore, if this passes, it will be completely ineffectual.”


    1. Send a direct message to the Indiana House of Representatives and Governor Holcomb rejecting this current legislation and demanding hate crime legislation that is enforceable.
    2. Please forward this email to your Indiana friends and family, asking for them to take action. Please share this campaign on social media, text and WhatsApp.

    The Sikh Coalition estimates that Sikhs are hundreds of times more likely to experience a hate crime than the average American. Our legal team continues to respond to an average of one anti-Sikh hate crime every month. For Indiana to adequately protect Sikhs and other underrepresented communities, this hate crime legislation must include specific language that protects one’s perceived or actual color, creed, disability, age, national origin, ancestry, race, religion, gender identity, sex or sexual orientation.

    Republican Governor Eric Holcomb agrees that the proposed hate crime legislation is a failure to protect people in Indiana. On February 19th, he stated that “the version of the bill approved today by the Senate does not get Indiana off the list of states without a bias crime law.”

    TAKE ACTION NOW: tell your Indiana elected officials that you demand better hate crime protections.

    The Sikh Coalition continues to provide free legal assistance. If you or somebody you know has been a victim of bias, bigotry or hate crime violence, contact our legal team by filling out our legal intake form to request legal assistance.
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