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The Sikh Coalition News
March 6, 2019
  • First-Ever Sikh Awareness Night With the Sacramento Kings!

    March 6, 2019 (Sacramento, CA) - We are excited to share that the Sacramento Kings will celebrate Sikh Heritage Night on Tuesday, April 2nd! The Sikh Coalition is not partnering with the Sacramento Kings on this event, but we are thrilled to be supporting Bay Area Sikh community members to spread the word.

    In advance of Vaisakhi, the game will feature initiatives highlighting and celebrating the Sikh community. Organized by local community member Harwin Singh, the Sikh Heritage Night will also feature special performances by Punjabi Culture artists & other sangat members.


    The Sikh night with the Sacramento Kings serves as an opportunity to celebrate our Sikh identity and educate others. This family-friendly game against the Houston Rockets will begin at 7PM PST. When you use the link, you will be grouped with other Sikh community members and save up to 50 percent off tickets with no fees included.

    This game is expected to sell out, and tickets are going fast -- click here to get your tickets today. For more information, contact Justin Danielewicz at jdanielewicz@kings.com.

    The Sikh Coalition has been told that kirpan accommodations cannot be made by the Kings at this time. The Sikh Coalition remains 100 percent committed to fighting for kirpan accommodations in every public setting, but we view this ongoing awareness event with the Sacramento Kings as an important step to helping make kirpan accommodations possible in all NBA arenas in the future. Rest assured, we will continue to apply pressure to change the current policy.

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