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Editing:NY WRFA - “Religious Garb Bill” Editing:NY WRFA - “Religious Garb Bill”
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April 4, 2019
  • [Take Action] NY Law Would Improve Workplace Religious Freedom

    April 4, 2019 (New York, NY) – On Tuesday, April 9th, the New York State Senate is expected to vote on Senate Bill 4037, which prohibits discrimination against religious attire by an employer. Specifically, the bill would prohibit employers from discriminating against an employee due to any religious attire, including unshorn hair.

    Relative to other vulnerable minorities, Sikhs remain disproportionately targeted for discrimination because they wear turbans and maintain unshorn hair, including facial hair, in accordance with their faith. Regardless of religious background or beliefs, no one should have to ever have to make the difficult decision between keeping their faith or having access to gainful employment. Sikhs, like all other Americans, deserve equal rights in the workplace.

    For 17 years, the Sikh Coalition has worked to ensure that Sikhs can practice their faith freely in the workplace. This work has included high-impact employment discrimination litigation in the state of New York. This new law, if passed, will make it clear to every New York employer that they cannot continue to turn away or discriminate against qualified workers solely because of their religious attire or articles of faith.


    1. Send a direct message to the New York Senate and Governor Cuomo encouraging them to support this bill and better protect workplace religious freedom.
    2. Please forward this email to your New York friends and family, asking for them to take action. Also, please share this campaign on social media, text and WhatsApp.

    Additionally, on April 9th at 12 pm, Senator Liu’s office will host a rally at the New York State Capitol in Albany. This community rally is intended to call on the New York State Senate to pass Senate Bill 4037. If you are interested in attending, please click here to RSVP or email advocacy@sikhcoalition.org.

    A diverse workforce should be every employer’s greatest asset. No New Yorker should ever be forced to choose between their faith or the career that they want to pursue.

    TAKE ACTION NOW: Tell your New York elected officials that you support workplace religious freedom.
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