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Dear Supporter Ji,

I want to emphasize the importance of the recent CBS special examining religious-based bullying in schools. As the father of three Sikh American children in New Jersey, I recognize how difficult it can be to address the problems associated with bullying and how much care it requires to engage one another on this sensitive issue.

Click here to watch the full panel discussion at Guru Nanak Mission Gurudwara.

That is why on March 31st, Guru Nanak Mission Gurudwara’s Sikh Academy for Gurmat Education (SAGE) held a screening of the full episode along with an anti-bullying panel discussion for students and their parents. It was an incredible opportunity to engage Sikh families from all over the state on how we can support one another and respond to bigotry impacting our children with faith, courage and resolve.

Watch the Facebook Live video of the Oakland, NJ panel discussion.

See photos from the Oakland gurudwara screening and panel.

This CBS episode and community event are part of the Sikh Coalition’s never-ending efforts to create safer schools, and we hope that your sangat can also use this as a new educational tool to deepen engagement with your families and local educators as we collectively continue to combat bullying in our nation’s schools.

Here are some easy ways you can amplify the CBS episode!

  1. Host a screening: Ask if your gurudwara can host a screening of the CBS episode for Khalsa school students and parents. The episode is available to watch on YouTube without ads.
  2. Share at school: Parents, share the CBS episode with teachers. This is an incredible educational opportunity to engage students in discussions of school bullying. Email the Sikh Coalition for additional support: education@sikhcoalition.org.
  3. Check out Sikh Coalition resources: The Sikh Coalition has developed a comprehensive toolkit for parents and educators to make classrooms more inclusive. Since April is Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month, it’s a great opportunity to engage teachers with this toolkit.

If our community is to raise children that are strong and resilient, we must take it upon ourselves to have difficult conversations about how much this issue affects Sikh families. The first step to combat bullying is to recognize its existence and to create safe places for children and parents to talk about it. The CBS episode is an important, new part of this conversation as we work towards building a nation where school bullying will eventually cease to exist.

Chardi Kala,

Sandeep Singh
Director, Sikh Academy for Gurmat Education
Oakland, New Jersey

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