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Dear Supporter Ji,

This year, thanks to your past support, the Sikh Coalition has made even more strides in our educational work. As the Education Director at the Sikh Coalition, I have been able to translate my passion for spreading the wonders of Sikhi into measurable results. Through our efforts and the investment of community members like yourself, we have been able to expand the general public’s understanding of Sikh culture, traditions, and history, thanks to the transformative role public education plays in shaping hearts and minds.

Our team successfully added Sikhi to social studies state standards in four states: Oklahoma, Michigan, North Dakota, and Nebraska. Mobilizing 500 community members in these states, we empowered sangats to interact with educators, state representatives, governing bodies, and superintendents, to produce wonderful results. Thanks to their collective action, more than 22 million students–approximately 42 percent of all public school students nationwide–can be exposed to the history, culture, and customs of Sikh Americans.

This work represents major steps in the Sikh Coalition’s efforts to raise Sikh awareness in our nation’s classrooms for generations to come. But we can’t do it without support from donors like you. Join us in making schools safer for Sikh children by making a contribution again today!

We also relaunched our Back to School Toolkit this year, featuring new lesson plans, resources, and reading materials. This included our first-ever C3 resources that educators can easily use to effectively teach students about Sikhi. These resources are now directly available to more than 9,000 teachers in states that use C3 resources to set their school curricula.

All of these relationships are paying off. By partnering with the Sikh Coalition, one community member was able to conduct 36 presentations to 6th- and 9th-grade social studies classes in the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District of New York. This means that more than 1,200 students and educators are now better equipped to welcome Sikh students to their schools.

At the Sikh Coalition, we want to ensure that every Sikh child in America is safe and protected in school. But, for this work to continue, we need your support.

If you want to see Sikhi in more state standards, additional resources provided to teachers across the nation, and Sikh children feeling safer and more respected by their peers and teachers, please donate to support our education work. Together, we can continue to increase awareness and visibility for Sikhs in America.

Chardi Kala,

Pritpal Kaur
Education Director
The Sikh Coalition

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