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Dear Supporter Ji,

My name is Charan Singh Khalsa, and I am originally from Kabul, Afghanistan. In 2019, after the murder of my brother, I left my home as a refugee.

Today, I am writing to ask you to call on the U.S. government to take action now to resettle Afghan Sikhs and Hindus who are in immediate danger.

You almost certainly have heard the most recent horrific news from March of this year: 25 Afghan Sikhs were killed in an attack on a gurdwara in Kabul, and the funeral services were then bombed the following day. As horrible as this violence was, it is only the latest in years of targeted persecution against our community in Afghanistan. 

Two years earlier, 19 Sikh and Hindu community leaders were killed by a suicide bomber in Jalalabad. Sadly, the victims were on their way to meet President Ashraf Ghani to discuss religious discrimination against Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan.

And just last year, shortly before I left Afghanistan, my own brother, a well-liked shopkeeper, was murdered, too. I believe he died because of his Sikh faith--and after his disappearance, my own family had no choice but to leave our home. The fact is that Afghan Sikhs and Hindus are treated as second-class citizens, subject to not just violence from extremist groups but unequal treatment and discrimination from the Afghan government, too.

Afghan Sikhs and Hindus used to number in the tens of thousands; now, the few hundred families that remain have been ordered by ISIS to leave or die. Will you join more than 600 other Sikh Americans by contacting your elected officials in the U.S. Congress and asking them to resettle and protect these vulnerable people?

Thank you for reading my story, and for taking the time to stand with Afghan Sikhs and Hindus. Please share the link to contact the U.S. government, bit.ly/resettle-afghans, with your friends and family today. We must let those with the power to help know that these people--our people--are facing nothing short of genocide.

Together, I know that we can keep these few remaining families from experiencing the tragedy that mine and too many others have had to suffer.

Chardi Kala,

Charan Singh Khalsa

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