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Dear Sangat Ji, 

On behalf of the entire Sikh Coalition team, I wanted to thank the many community members who joined us for the virtual community forum on combating hate yesterday. For those who were not able to attend this time, we hope to connect with you at future events. Your participation in these kinds of events is essential to ensuring our community's safety and security.

Panelists provided an update on ongoing investigations in Orangevale, including the gurdwara vandalism case and the continued monitoring of white nationalists in the area. They informed attendees that online hate activity coming out of Orangevale has diminished since they launched the investigation; however, they were limited in the specifics they could share, in the interest of maintaining the integrity of the ongoing investigations. They also discussed how their various law enforcement offices interact to work on issues of hate crimes and other bias-motivated incidents in general. All of them stressed the need to immediately and thoroughly report incidents, encouraging community members to err on the side of overreporting. Additional recommendations included community and law enforcement connecting not just in times of crisis, but to build relationships to foster understanding and trust, as well as community participation in hate crime task forces.

Here are some resources that were discussed that you might find helpful:

For 20 years, the Sikh Coalition has been providing free legal resources and aid to Sikh community members who experience bias, bigotry, and backlash. Our attorneys are available in the event of any hate-related incident that occurs in Sacramento County. If you need legal assistance, call (212) 655-3095 to speak to someone in English or Punjabi, or fill out a legal intake on our website; if you experienced discrimination but do not need legal help at this time, visit ReportHate.org to share your story. To learn more about all of our other work in education, community development, advocacy, and communications, please visit our website.

Finally, we also want to thank our guests who joined the conversation, including: Executive Assistant US Attorney Chi Soo Kim (U.S. Department of Justice), Agent Jamil Hassani (Federal Bureau of Investigations), Deputy Chief David Risley (Sacramento Police Department), Captain James Barnes (Sacramento County Sheriff's Office), and Assistant Chief Thienvu Ho (Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office). We would also like to thank Sgt. Darryl Meadows and Officer Nate Grgich from Sacramento County Sheriff's Office joined the panel during the Q&A section.

As a final ask, we are currently working with the Jakara Movement to ensure that the Sikh community's stories are represented in California's Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum. Our children deserve the chance to learn about Sikhs and others who have contributed so much to our state's history and culture. Please visit bit.ly/stop-ignoring-sikhs to contact the California Department of Education with our pre-written emails and phone scripts today!

Please email community@sikhcoalition.org with any questions or thoughts. We look forward to continuing this conversation with you.

Chardi Kala,

Winty Singh
Community Engagement Fellow
The Sikh Coalition

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