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Dear Supporter Ji,

I wanted to thank you for being one of more than the 1,200 people who signed our petition regarding Sikhi in California’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum a few months back. Unfortunately, that fight isn’t over--and we still need your help. Can you take a moment today to use our new tool to tell the California Department of Education to #StopIgnoringSikhs?

I’m sorry to have to ask you to take another action on this issue, but our state education authorities need to hear from you again--and before the end of this month.

The most recent draft of the Model Curriculum not only excluded the Sikh community in any meaningful, positive form--it stripped out or diluted many of California’s different underrepresented communities, too. And despite the fact that we submitted the petition you signed and a letter from 52 gurdwaras supporting the changes and lesson plans we originally proposed with the Jakara Movement in March, the California Department of Education hasn’t responded to our concerns.

That’s why I’m asking you to visit bit.ly/stop-ignoring-sikhs today, where you can send a pre-written email to state education authorities, and then use our phone script to leave a voicemail on their line for public comments. When you’re done, please forward this email to your family and friends in California and ask them to join you in taking action.

The Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum was intended to help children like ours see their history and culture reflected in the classroom. Unfortunately, we have to keep fighting to realize our goal--but together, we can make sure this is done right! Thank you for continuing to engage on this issue with us, and please let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at education@sikhcoalition.org.

Chardi Kala

Pritpal Kaur
Education Director
The Sikh Coalition

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