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Dear Supporter Ji,

My name is Davejeet, and I am a sevadaar with the Sikh Coalition. I wanted to take a moment to tell you about my experience working with them last weekend to call Sikh voters across the country.

Phone banking--or calling individual voters to share information about upcoming elections--is a core part of ‘get out the vote’ work at the federal, state, and local levels. I signed up with the Sikh Coalition’s phone banking project because they’ve worked with data scientists specifically to prepare lists of thousands of Sikh voters in nine key ‘swing’ states. This work isn’t about supporting any party or candidate, but rather making sure that our community participates in our democracy this fall.

After a short training with the Sikh Coalition team on Saturday afternoon, I started making my calls. I talked to voters in Michigan and Texas, all from my home in California. I had some great conversations, including with young, first-time voters who were excited to cast their ballot and others who wanted to learn about their options for early voting or voting by mail.

Doing this work, even just for a few hours, helped me feel like I was making a difference--and that’s why I’m encouraging you to sign up!

As citizens, talking to one another about our civic duty is the most basic work of democracy. It’s also the only way that we’re going to build political power for the Sikh community in years to come. This is a pivotal election, and we need to make sure that everyone who is elected--at all levels of government--knows that Sikh Americans show up to make our voices heard!

But this work isn’t finished. There are still thousands of Sikh households on our list to call! Fortunately, there are still three phone banking sessions left: this Saturday, October 3, as well as the following Saturdays of October 10 and October 17. You can learn more about the project and sign up for a session today.

I hope to see you online in one of our next sessions!

Chardi Kala,

Davejeet Singh 
Phone Banking Sevadaar
The Sikh Coalition

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