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Dear Supporter Ji,

I wanted to thank you for being one of more than 700 community members who took time out of your day to email and call the California Department of Education, urging them to #StopIgnoringSikhs in the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC).

On September 30, the Sikh Coalition and the Jakara Movement submitted our own public comment to several state education authorities--along with a bipartisan letter, signed by 25 assemblymembers and state senators, supporting our push for a Sikh lesson plan in the ESMC. We also published a piece in CalMatters urging allies to come forward and join us in this fight, which you can share with family and friends across the state.

We are hopeful that these additional efforts will bolster the already strong message you have sent through your continued action. I want to stress that none of our efforts on this issue--from the letter signed by 52 gurdwaras to the 1,200-strong petition to all of this action last month--would have been possible without your support and your willingness to fight for our children.

We anticipate that the Instructional Quality Commission, a part of the California Department of Education which advises the State Board of Education, will meet at some point in November to discuss the content of the ESMC again. In advance of this meeting, the Sikh Coalition and the Jakara Movement will provide you with an update.

Together, we will continue pushing for an ESMC that allows our kids and the kids of so many other underrepresented communities in California to see themselves and their history reflected in the classroom. Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing education@sikhcoalition.org.

Chardi Kala,

Pritpal Kaur
Education Director
The Sikh Coalition

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