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Dear Supporter Ji,

A few weeks ago, the Sikh Coalition announced a new program to empower Sikh children at school--by working with their parents to bring virtual book readings to their child’s classroom.

As the parent of a 4th-grader attending elementary school in California, I reached out to the Sikh Coalition’s Education team about this opportunity and quickly signed up for a virtual reading of Fauja Singh Keeps Going with author Simran Jeet Singh. Fauja Singh is the oldest person to ever run a marathon, and he is also a Sikh. Through this book reading about Fauja Singh’s life, my daughter’s classmates and teacher were introduced to the Sikh identity in a positive and inspiring way.

Children’s books are an engaging way to introduce topics and ideas to kids--especially ones they are unfamiliar with. While the largest concentration of Sikhs in the United States live in California, many of our neighbors still do not know who we are. There have been years where my daughter is the only Sikh student in her class. As a parent, I hope for her to have a bright education and be successful in school. And in order to do both, it’s important for her to have a safe and inclusive learning environment.

This could not have happened without support from the Sikh Coalition, who worked with me one-on-one to reach out to my daughter’s teacher and schedule the reading with author Simran Jeet Singh. There are still virtual readings available of Fauja Singh Keeps Going and Raakhee Mirchandani’s Super Satya Saves the Day, an inspiring story of a young superhero who faces her fears and helps her friends. Parents, click here to sign up to request a reading for the Fall.

No one should be bullied because of their religious identity. In fact, our children need to feel safe and supported in order to thrive at school. As a parent, I found this book reading incredibly meaningful for my daughter, her classmates, and her teacher. I hope that you will join me in bringing Fauja Singh Keeps Going or Super Satya Saves the Day to your child’s classroom, too.

Chardi Kala, 

Rose Kaur

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