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Dear Supporter Ji,

On behalf of our Sikh Coalition team, thank you for volunteering your time. More than 120 of you came together to make more than 15,000 calls to Sikh voters in 9 key “swing” states and provide them with essential, nonpartisan election information.

In doing so, you were part of the largest digital seva initiative in our 20 year history. More importantly, we are confident that your hard work will make the difference between Sikh voters sitting this pivotal election out or making our voices heard!

But our work is not done yet--not for voter engagement, and definitely not with respect to increasing civic engagement within our community or increasing Sikh awareness outside of our sangat. Here are some ways we would love for you to keep participating and keep fighting the good fight:

1. Encourage friends, family and sangat to make a voting plan: With Election Day less than two weeks away, millions of Americans have already voted. Now, the Sikh Coalition is urging all Sikh voters who have not already cast their ballots to make a plan to vote. Studies have shown that making a plan to vote increases our odds of following through and casting our ballots. As you all already know from the calls you have been making, voters can choose whether they’re voting in person or via mail (also known as absentee voting); those going in person should learn their polling place and choose a date and time, and those voting by mail should choose a return method for their ballot.

2. Share Sikh stories in classrooms: To combat school-based bullying and encourage Sikh awareness in classrooms, the Sikh Coalition recently launched a new campaign, “Sharing Sikh Stories,” to give parents the opportunity to create positive awareness about the Sikh identity in their child’s classroom. Through this initiative, parents can request a free virtual book reading with Raakhee Mirchandani or Simran Jeet Singh–each an author of a children’s book featuring Sikh characters. Click here to request a free virtual book reading today! As a bonus, the Sikh Coalition will donate both Raakhee and Simran Jeet’s books–Super Satya Saves the Day and Fauja Singh Keeps Going–plus Supriya Kelkar’s The Many Colors of Harpreet Singh to your child’s school library.

3. Empower sangat members and build community capacity: Do you want to do more around civic engagement? Are there members in your close or extended circles who want to connect with the larger community to raise Sikh awareness? Are there children being bullied in your sangat who can use some support? The Sikh Coalition offers trainings to sangat members to encourage engagement and build capacity at the local level. COVID-19 has given us the opportunity to connect virtually, and we are happy to work with you to identify opportunities that fit your needs. Choose from workshops on an assortment of topics that sangat members of all ages can participate in: civic engagement, how to give Sikh awareness presentations, media engagement, bullying prevention, know-your-rights content, and much more. Contact us at community@sikhcoalition.org for a full list and more ways on how to engage your local sangat.

4. Donate or encourage donations to continue all of this work: Now, more than ever before, we are counting on our sangat to make sure that the Sikh Coalition can continue to ensure our rights are protected--not just in the immediate term, but for months and years to come. We understand that this year has come with many challenges; however, if you or your family are in a position to do so, we humbly ask that you make a donation to the Sikh Coalition. If you are unable to donate at this time, we would deeply appreciate it if you share our work with your family and friends and encourage them to donate. As you already know, motivation from friends and family goes a long way in encouraging action!

We are truly grateful for your seva and partnership; we would not have been able to make the impact we did without all of you, and we look forward to continuing to work with you to create meaningful changes in our sangats.

With gratitude,
The Sikh Coalition Team

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