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Dear Supporter Ji,

We wanted to reach out and make sure you saw our email earlier this week, highlighting the amazing seva by individuals, Sikh-run organizations, and gurdwaras from coast to coast in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, it was our privilege to help elevate so many of these projects by securing local news coverage.

Thanks to the sangat's investment and support, we placed more than 60 news stories related to the pandemic--the vast majority of them focused on community efforts, and appearing in local newspapers, radio channels, and evening newscasts. Some of these stories included:

In doing this work, we strove to make sure that reporters and producers were communicating where people in need could get help--but also that audiences reading and watching those reports learned a little bit more about who Sikhs are and what we stand for. What’s more, our local work paved the way for pieces in bigger outlets with national reach, including the New York Times, CNN, and the Associated Press.

We continue to believe that this kind of media exposure--showing Sikhs doing good work in their communities--is an essential part of raising Sikh awareness across the country. But we need your investment and support to keep this work up in 2021.

Please consider making a contribution to our end-of-year fundraising today so that we are well-positioned to continue this and other work in the new year and beyond.

Chardi Kala,

The Sikh Coalition Team

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From: Sikh Coalition
Date: Tues, Dec 15, 2020 at 11:00 AM
Subject: Amplifying COVID-19 Seva with Your Support

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The Sikh Coalition News
December 15, 2020
  • Amplifying COVID-19 Seva with Your Support

    December 15, 2020 - As we humbly ask for your support in our end-of-year fundraising efforts, the Sikh Coalition is reflecting on our work alongside the community through 2020.

    As the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic worsened this summer, there were plenty of difficult stories in the news: bitter arguments over how to protect public health, millions of Americans losing their jobs, and the overwhelming and heartbreaking loss of life. But across the nation, our community emerged as a light in the darkness.

    Responding to increased need in cities from coast to coast, individual sevadaars, Sikh-run organizations, and gurdwaras led inspiring efforts to help their local communities. The Sikh Coalition worked hard alongside many of these sangats to help them amplify their stories of seva so that those in need could reach out for support--and so that more Americans everywhere could understand the values that define our faith.

    These stories appeared in the Los Angeles Times, 11 Alive News in Atlanta, the Detroit News, Texas Public Radio, the Boston Herald, and more than 50 other outlets elsewhere across the nation. In addition to our locally-focused work, we were also able to leverage all of these individual stories into national-level coverage in the New York Times, CNN, and the Associated Press.

    It was our privilege to support and promote all of this amazing work. Our local outreach continues on a wide range of issues even now--including by our efforts to call attention to #FarmersProtest solidarity demonstrations throughout the United States. In order to keep raising Sikh awareness and providing direct assistance to sangats in every state, we humbly ask you to contribute to our end-of-year fundraising if you are able to do so.

    As always, the Sikh Coalition urges you to practice your faith fearlessly.

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