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Dear Supporter Ji,

For 20 years, the Sikh Coalition has worked to hold lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle accountable for their policies and actions. As a nonpartisan organization, we have only ever called for the resignation of elected officials who stoked the flames of hatred and either insulted or endangered the Sikh American community and other marginalized groups.

The president’s conduct, especially in light of January 6, warrants similar action. Accordingly, the Sikh Coalition supports his impeachment. President Trump must be held accountable for his undemocratic behavior, and we must ensure that no president ever acts this way again. We join a growing chorus of civil rights organizations in doing so because we share a commitment to our democracy and the pursuit of an equitable and just society.

The culmination of President Trump’s behavior, including his remarks on January 6, incited and encouraged a mob of violent individuals with ideologies and symbolism of white nationalism on full display. Even in his remarks immediately following the attack, where individuals were killed and the casualties could have been much worse, the president expressed love and gratitude towards his supporters at the Capitol.

While impeachment is a political process, we do not endorse it as a partisan action. Democratic and Republican members of the House have already spoken in favor of impeachment--which is the most effective mechanism by which President Trump could be removed from office and barred from ever running again. His conduct is too dangerous for anything less, and a lack of consequences would only increase the chances of similar actions against our government, as well as the danger to all marginalized communities.

At the Sikh Coalition, we strive to conduct our work in accordance with the values of Sikhi, including a commitment to sach (truth). We also recognize, as reflected in our statement, that Sikhs have a long history of standing up against unjust leadership--from Babur to Aurangzeb to British colonialism and even now, at the ongoing Farmers’ Protest in India. And though we, as Sikhs and Americans, will always have differing opinions on Sikhi and politics, we know that in our role as a Sikh civil rights organization, we cannot remain silent in light of what happened on January 6.

Regardless of what happens, our nation has a long road of healing and reconciliation ahead. The first step of this process must be accountability, and that is why we are endorsing impeachment today. You can read our full statement here. We all have a role and a responsibility in building the next chapter, and we will continue to hold all our elected officials and government agencies to a high standard.

Finally, we encourage you, your family, and your community to stay vigilant as tensions remain high. And as always, we urge you to practice your faith fearlessly.

In Chardi Kala,

The Sikh Coalition Team

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