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The Sikh Coalition News
November 17, 2021

November 17, 2021 (New York, NY) -- When the Sikh Coalition hired our first full-time communications staffer back in 2014, we had a few modest goals in mind. Now, reflecting on our 20 year anniversary and the support from sangat members like you, we’re humbled by how far we’ve come.

In 2016, when we were thinking about expanding the media team, we created a funding proposal. In that proposal, we highlighted three goals as metrics of success:
Return on Investment
1. Work with gurdwaras and local Sikh community leaders from all around the country to engage them in opportunities that drive positive stories.
We’ve built trust with gurdwaras from Washington to Florida and Michigan to Texas to do just that. Sangats know they can approach us for help engaging their local news on open houses, charity events, local proclamations, and any other stories.

We average at least one local news story per week, and sangat members know they can reach us for talking points, interview practice, or pointers for reaching out to local TV producers or newspaper reporters.
2. Proactive media and communications opportunities are featured in multiple cities.
In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we landed 75 local and national media stories around gurdwaras, Sikh organizations, and individuals helping their neighbors in need. E.g. Orlando Sentinel, The Daily Star, New York Times.  

We provided media support as part of our engagement supporting 36 sangats’ open houses around Guru Nanak Sahib Ji’s 550th gurpurab. E.g. Los Angeles Times, The Journal-Gazette.

We provided media support for over six years of the National Day of Seva project in commemoration of Oak Creek across 50 cities nationwide. E.g. Detroit News, Huffington Post.
3. Identify unique Sikh community profiles that could be pitched as human interest stories.
This year alone, we succeeded in this goal in some of the biggest outlets in the country:
- a CNN profile of a Sikh doctor working at the farmers’ protest.
- an Associated Press piece on the family of Balbir Singh Sodhi.
- a feature on one of our workplace discrimination clients on the front page of the Sunday New York Times.

We can do more to raise the Sikh profile in the media space, but it takes time--and resources. Can you commit to helping us surpass our next round of goals by sharing your dasvandh today? The harder we work to ensure that the Sikh voice is present in local and national conversations, the quicker we’ll achieve the generational shift in Sikh awareness that we’ve been fighting for. But we need your help to do it!

As always, the Sikh Coalition urges you to practice your faith fearlessly.

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