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October 5, 2022
  • [TAKE ACTION] Tell the Mississippi Department of Education to Include Sikhi in New Standards

    October 5, 2022 (Jackson, MS) -- As a sangat member in Mississippi, the Sikh Coalition invites you to take action today and advocate for the inclusion of Sikhi in Mississippi’s new College and Career Readiness Standards for the Social Studies.

    Despite the fact that Sikhi is the world’s fifth-largest organized religion, there is currently no plan to include Sikhi in Mississippi's social studies classrooms. Please take a few seconds to complete our form to send an email to the Mississippi State Department of Education advocating for inclusion of Sikhi in their new social studies standards.

    Once you have completed the form, be sure to forward this email or the simple link (thesikh.co/ms-standards) to your friends and family in Mississippi. All emails must be sent by October 29, 2022.

    Ensuring that Sikhi is included in a state’s social studies standards is the first step to Sikhi being discussed in classrooms alongside other world religions. It is important that accurate and appropriate information about Sikhi--including our faith tradition, our history, and our community’s contributions and experiences in the United States--be reflected in public school teachings not just to reduce bias-based bullying and make Sikh children feel seen and included, but to improve the education of all students.

    The Sikh Coalition has been engaged with the Sikh community of Mississippi since January 2022, urging the Mississippi Department of Education to include Sikhi in their social studies standards. On October 4, we drafted and sent a letter co-signed by all three gurdwaras in the state similarly asking for this inclusion. We will continue to provide updates on this work moving forward.

    As always, the Sikh Coalition urges you to practice your faith fearlessly.

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Editing:2022.10.05 MS standards 1 Editing:2022.10.05 MS standards 1  

Editing:2022.10.05 MS standards 1 Editing:2022.10.05 MS standards 1