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The Sikh Coalition Avaaz
November 12, 2022
  • Remembering 1984

    Thirty-eight years ago, from October 31 to November 3, 1984, thousands of Sikhs were hunted and murdered by government-orchestrated mobs throughout India following the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Along with Sikhs around the world, the Sikh Coalition recognizes this solemn occasion as a turning point in our history.
    It's important to understand the deep history of these events and the issues of state repression and impunity that are still relevant today. According to eyewitnesses and human rights activists, the killings were organized by government officials and facilitated by police officials. Unfortunately, 38 years later, the Indian government continues to deny appropriate justice to the victims and survivors of the massacres.

    The Sikh Coalition remains committed to raising awareness about anti-Sikh violence in India and supporting efforts to promote justice and accountability. Our history is our responsibility. It is also our responsibility to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself with our community or any other community.
  • Richmond Hill NYPD Trainings In Response to Anti-Sikh Attacks

    In October, the Sikh Coalition provided Sikh awareness trainings to officers and staff members at the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) 102 Precinct in Richmond Hill, Queens. Given the attacks that have taken place in the area since the beginning of this year, these NYPD trainings were conducted to further ensure the local precinct was informed of the process to accurately track and report anti-Sikh hate crimes. The Sikh Coalition continues to work to hold the NYPD accountable while advocating for a multi-pronged approach to countering hate.
  • Planning for the Next Decade of Impact

    As the Sikh Coalition entered our third decade this year, we have continued to stand against hate crimes, employment discrimination, racial profiling, and school bullying while also building community power--all with the support of the community.

    While we have made progress, we also know the battles ahead will be long and tough. Until November 20th, Dasvandh Network will be doubling donations made through their platform during DasvandhWeek! We ask that you stand with us by making a donation today which will not only have a direct impact but also be doubled.

    Click here to donate to the Sikh Coalition today. Click here to learn more about the Sikh Coalition’s work across all of our program areas this year.
  • Advocating for Sikh Migrants

    The Sikh Coalition--in partnership with the ACLU--has continued to work with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to address the improper removal and thrashing of Sikh articles of faith of migrants crossing the Southern Border. In the last few weeks, we held meetings with CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus and investigators to better inform the agencies of the harm inflicted upon Sikh migrants and the actions needed to stop these harmful practices. We continue to advocate for the correction of policies, better training, and accountability of those who have improperly removed any articles of faith, not only for Sikhs but also migrants of other faiths. The Sikh Coalition and ACLU have also worked with Congress to conduct an investigation regarding the harmful practice of stripping migrants of their important personal property.
  • Engaging Educators Nationwide

    As a part of our ongoing efforts, the Sikh Coalition’s education and community development teams have continued to provide training to educators, students, and professionals about the Sikh faith.

    On October 25, the Sikh Coalition hosted a Sikh awareness training for more than 100 administrators and staff at Clark-Pleasant Middle School in Whiteland, IN. The school has also committed to ensuring that their 7th grade social studies curriculum includes teaching and learning resources about Sikhism. Additionally, over 70 students at Brooklyn International High School in Brooklyn, NY and 180 students at Chaminade College Preparatory High School in West Hills, CA were provided with important information about the Sikh faith, community and culture.

    Finally, nearly 30 nurses from the Washington Health Ministries attended a Sikh awareness presentation to better understand the unique identities of Sikhs, along with addressing any unique health-related accommodations Sikhs may have. This presentation was co-facilitated by our partners in Bellingham, WA.
  • Sikhs Get Out The Vote

    This year, the Sikh Coalition continued working to ensure the Sikh voice was heard at the polls! Sikh Americans–and the Asian American Pacific Islander community more broadly–are growing demographic groups, but our numbers won’t translate to influence and impact with our elected officials unless we participate in our democracy.

    Throughout October, sangats in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Arizona held voter registration drives in coordination with local organizations to inform Sikh voters about early registration, polling locations, and more. Additionally, through the Sikh Coalition’s Civic Action Center, voters were able to check their voter registration, look up their polling place, and learn about candidates in their area. The Sikh Coalition’s Get Out The Vote work is done in support of broader Sikh American civic engagement, and not for the benefit of any candidate, elected official, or political party.
  • Continuing to Fight for Equality of Opportunity

    On October 28, the Sikh Coalition filed our plaintiff appeal brief concerning our ongoing U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) lawsuit. In short, we argued that the USMC is woefully failing to acknowledge the clear and convincing precedent set in other branches of the military that provides overwhelming evidence that Sikhs can serve with their articles of faith intact, including at bootcamp. Several amicus briefs were also filed in support of the Sikh right to service in the USMC--including one headlined by former Secretary of the Army, Eric Fanning.

    Click here to read an update about this work via The Washington Times. The wider lawsuit will also continue to move forward later this month, and the Sikh Coalition and our legal partners will provide further updates as this case continues to develop.
  • Join the Sikh Coalition

    Do you have a passion for civil rights? The Sikh Coalition is looking to hire a full-time position. The Director/Senior Director of Development and Operations will manage the fast-paced growth of the Sikh Coalition’s fundraising and operations. In this position, you will be responsible for managing and growing the organization’s annual budget of $2.4+ million, driving our fundraising strategy and execution, and strengthening the organization’s operational infrastructure and management practices. Click here to learn more and apply; applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis.

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