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Flying Somewhere this Thanksgiving?
Don't Forget to Tell Us How it Goes!

Flying Somewhere?

If you are traveling over the holiday season, take along our Guidelines for Sikh Air Travelers, to make sure that your rights are respected.

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New York, NY (November 17, 2007) - Next week, the TSA's new search policy for Sikh turbans will have been in place for a month. Now is the time to go back to the government and let them know how they're doing. To do that, the Sikh Coalition needs to hear from you, the Sikh traveling public, about your experiences in America's airports.

After months of advocacy, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) implemented a new policy for checking turbans on October 27, 2007. Under the current procedure, Sikhs can pat-down our own turbans, instead of allowing someone else to touch our turbans when clearing security in U.S. airports.

Since the new policy went into effect, we've heard that sometimes Sikhs are given the option of the self pat-down, sometimes they have to ask for it, and sometimes they aren't subjected to secondary screenings at all. To continue our fight for Sikh rights, we need you to document your story for us.

The Sikh Coalition is continuing to monitor the situation, and we plan to tell TSA officials about the community's experiences shortly after the upcoming one-month mark. Help us give them an accurate picture of where they need to improve and where things are going well. Tell us about your screening experiences over the Thanksgiving weekend - good or bad - so that we can tell the TSA what you think.

Practice your faith fearlessly. Click here to access our reporting form.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

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