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The Sikh Coalition News
October 26, 2010

Lead the Way by Becoming a Pioneering Funder! 

Do you believe an organization to protect Sikh rights should always exists? Are you considering making a donation during our year-end campaign? Why not join us now as one of our 1000 Stars Donors? Click here to see the campaign's webpage and learn more.

A “Sikh Coalition Star” is an individual or family that commits to a donation of at least $100 a month throughout the year.
If 1,000 Sikhs commit to giving the Sikh Coalition $100 per month, our entire yearly operating budget will be raised. By being one of our “1000 Stars” you will be a pioneering funder of our organization, ensuring we can continue this work with each of our program areas strategically staffed.  This ongoing, reliable income, will allow us to focus more time on the critical work at hand. (And, yes, that also means fewer fundraising emails to all of you!)
Make your $100 a month commitment now. Be a Star.

Do you spend $100 on your monthly cable or phone bill?Your monthly gym membership? A night out to dinner with your friends?
  • At the Sikh Coalition, that same amount could pay for a nationwide press release covering an anti-Sikh hate crime. 
  • Five stars ($500 a month) funds a weekend of training for over a dozen community members to learn how to make professional presentations to non-Sikhs about Sikhism. This single-training endeavor directly educates around 1,500 people per year at a cost of $4.00 per non-Sikh educated. With more Stars, we can train sangats across the nation. 
  • Fifty stars can pay a full-time staff member’s annual salary.
Include dasvandh for the Sikh Coalition in your monthly budget. Click here to make a recurring donation of $100, $200, $500, $1000 today.
We need 1,000 families to defend the rights of Sikhs all year long. 

Become a Star donor! www.sikhdonate.org

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