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“…You and all the rest of your Diaper head camel jockies dont [sic] have to take off your rags, just leave the United States.”

“Captain Tejdeep Rattan is someone I would give a razor too and say welcome to the club, but abide by the rules. You are not special.”

“this is america get rid of the turban”

These are just a few of the online reactions to our work this year. They highlight why the Sikh Coalition exists. <br />With your help it is time to stop this hate. As a community we must exercise our power to rid the world of this dangerous ignorance. 

Will you help us combat this hate? Donate to the Sikh Coalition today: www.sikhdonate.org

Our Children are Most Affected

And how does this hate affect our children? Here’s what one young Sikh wrote:

“Its funny, I started to get used to the name calling and terrorist jokes because I dealt with it on a daily basis. I always felt like an outcast during my time in elementary and middle school.”

But your Support Can and Has Changed the Dialogue

Part of the Sikh Coalition’s mission is to end hate speech and replace it with acceptance of Sikhs.  Over the long term, we’d like to hear more comments like this instead:

“I'm a Paratroper in the U.S. Army and I'm glad they have made acceptions [sic] for Tejdeep Singh Rattan... I would be proud to serve along side a sikhs in my fire team.”

The difference between hate and acceptance really is you. Your support made the victory in Captain Rattan’s case possible which in turn led to this positive comment. The difference between hate and acceptance of Sikhs, Sikhi, and the Sikh way of life can be you.

Please do your part to help combat bias against Sikhs. Support our work to transform hate of Sikhs into acceptance now: www.sikhdonate.org.

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