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Dear Supporter:

This year, the Sikh Coalition and the Texas Sikh sangat worked together to include information about Sikhs, for the very first time, in the Texas Social Studies state standards!

Unlike my experience growing up in Texas, children will now learn about Sikhi at three different times in their public school education – 6th grade, World Geography (HS) and World History (HS). It means a great deal to me personally as a Sikh Texan, and I am sure it means a great deal to you as well. This new curriculum will go into effect in the upcoming 2011 – 2012 school year.

Who Was Responsible for this Victory? YOU were!
YOU signed a petition, along with 1,000 other Texans to include Sikhi in the standards. YOU wrote over 400 letters to the Board of Education asking that Sikhi be taught in school. YOU attended 4 meetings in Austin and testified in front of the Board. ALL TEXANS will now benefit from having children in Texas learning about Sikhs in school.

We Won, But We Have a Long Way To Go
Since Sikhi is in the state standards, we must now begin working with textbook publishers to create instructional materials that include those standards.

We need to ensure that any information about Sikhi that is included is accurate. After all your hard work, we don’t want Sikhi to be misrepresented or depicted incorrectly.

You may be aware that the work to get Sikhi in the Texas curriculum did cost the Coalition and the Sikh community time and money. I personally flew to Texas four times, met with Board of Education members, went to gurdwaras to rally support, produced reading materials for Board of Education members, amongst other items. The work to engage textbook publishers and create instructional materials will also take time and money over the coming years. In order to do this well, we need YOUR financial support.
Donate Today. This Fight Isn’t Over. Make a Difference: www.sikhdonate.org

I look forward to seeing this through with you. Thank you for your support.


Manbeena Kaur
Education Director
The Sikh Coalition
40 Exchange Place, Suite 728
New York, New York 10005

Office: (212) 655-3095, ext. 88
Fax: (212) 208-2932
Email: manbeena@sikhcoalition.org

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