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Dear Supporter,

Nearly half of our children are being bullied in school.

One in ten of us has been the victim of a hate crime.

A quarter of our men have been profiled by law enforcement or security officers.

Civil Rights Report CoverThis is the reality that Sikhs in Northern California face today. We have a long fight ahead to overcome these systemic problems. We need your help to keep up the fight. Donate now.

At the Coalition, doing research for social change - like the report that led to these numbers being revealed - is the first step to making a difference. We surveyed over a thousand Sikhs to get the facts on what the community wants us to tackle. If it’s not a priority for you, it isn’t a priority for us.

The Coalition is your organization. You set the agenda. We are here to support California’s Sikhs and fight for you and your children to the best of our abilities.

Help us stand up for Sikh rights in California. Help us turn these numbers on their heads. Help us protect the Khalsas of the next generation. Give today: www.sikhdonate.org

Thank you,

Neha Singh

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