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The Sikh Coalition News
April 8, 2011

The Law Still Outlaws Guru Sahib's Way of Life; We Must Fight to Preserve It

Since the Coalition’s founding on 9/11, we have celebrated many victories in our quest to ensure Guru Sahib’s flag flies high. Discrimination in the US military may soon see an end. Schools are beginning to teach about Sikhism.  High profile employers like Lexus, AutoZone, and the US Federal Protective Service are being held accountable for irrational discrimination against those who maintain Guru Sahib’s bana.
But this Vaisakhi, we must still ask: is it illegal to be Sikh? In many ways, the answer is yes.
Consider this: 
  • There are no public spaces where one can carry the kirpan legally.

  • Case law says that major corporations can lawfully send a Sikh to work in the back, out of public view, as long they are offered the same pay and benefits.

  • The few laws or regulations that address racial profiling intentionally omit religion as a protected class. Hence, Sikhs can be pulled aside at the airport with no consequences.
  • The most important federal law on protecting kids against bias-based bullying, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, omits protections based on religion.

  • The federal government refuses to officially track hate crimes against Sikhs.
Fighting these gaps in the laws - which directly affect all those who want to live up to the Guru’s standards this Vaisakhi - is a challenging battle, but one that can be overcome.

That’s where you, the reader, come in.  This Vaisakhi, we ask you to join this fight. If you believe in this work, and in the importance of preserving Guru Sahib’s way of life, please support us today:           
Given these challenges to Sikhi, it should be no surprise that the Sikh Coalition legal team had to refuse or refer out 3 to 4 times more cases than it accepted last year. We must meet these challenges now, and not defer them to later generations of Sikhs.  As Guru Sahib knew, any true fight requires dedication and resources.  
This Vaisakhi, we ask for your Dasvandh to help us build an army of warriors for Sikh rights. Please support us now:

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