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Let's End Ignorance and Profiling in Harris County

At the beginning of the Thanksgiving weekend, the Tagore family came home to find their home burglarized. When they called 911,   HarrisCounty deputies were dispatched to investigate. But instead of pursuing the thieves, the police officers  ordered Ms. Kawaljeet Kaur to hand over her kirpan – a religious article mandated by the Sikh faith – which she wore over her shoulder. Ms. Kaur offered to leave the room if her kirpan made the officers uncomfortable, but to no avail.

Instead, she, along with her brother, mother and cousin, were handcuffed and led into the street.   One officer asked the family whether they had “heard about the bombings in Bombay” while another told them that he “knew about Muslims.” Hours later, the entire family, humiliated and violated, was released without being arrested or charged.

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Number Date Name Feel free to leave a comment for Judge Emmet and Sheriff-Elect Garcia.
2542 January 19, 2010 bALDEV dHALIWAL This type of story happens again and again. If they do not know about Sikh way of life, they should discuss with someone who knows them before humiliating the law abiding taxpayers.
2541 January 19, 2010 Anonymous
2540 March 18, 2013 Harpal Singh The public officers should go throgh the tarining to know about people living in their area and the events that impact local law and order.
2539 January 19, 2010 Kulwant Mahal
2538 January 19, 2010 Shubhdev Marahar
2537 January 17, 2010 Amar Singh Do we hv to hv stupid , uneducated , barbaric and utterly ignorant police officers in the forces who simply tarnished the name of all other good officers and that too in this age of Internet when all info in available to read at a flick of a finger!!!., Pls educate'em of other religions so that harmony stays in the socrity.
2536 January 16, 2010 Anonymous
2535 January 16, 2010 Gurinder Singh
2534 January 16, 2010 surinderkaur anand
2533 January 16, 2010 Kulwant Bal
2532 January 15, 2010 Narinder Jolly
2531 January 15, 2010 anoop sahota I hope the cops know that they have gone through the same things in the past. If he is black form the racism from whites, if he is white then the racism from the British. I don't understand why they are racist now being through the same thing.
2530 November 09, 2009 Rupinder Singh Randhawa This is proposterous. Since the formation of the Sikh faith our cultural history is only helping those needy people whomever were fortunate to share an close radius with us... whether it was Muslim invaders coming into India, the first and second World Wars (even England had a Sikh Regiment), or even the day of 9/11 (first off-duty doctor who arrived to help was a TURBANED SIKH MAN)... this if unforunate that your state allows such ignorant, moronic, barbaric, primitive individuals slip through the cracks and get a nice gun and badge... please prosecute these monsters and dont allow bullies to stack up the ranks of your police force.
2529 August 20, 2009 jawinder singh
2528 May 29, 2009 Olga Gutiy Take the proper action. Issue an apology, train these officers. Do whatever necessary to comfort and re-assure this family.
2527 May 10, 2009 Anonymous Dear Sir

Please take action the officers who were involved in such gross violations of basic human behaviour. By not taking any action, What message are we conveying to the American public and to the world?
2526 April 29, 2009 Mandeep Singh
Please do Justice that's what we pay our taxs for isn't it?
2525 April 29, 2009 Michael Kalam Dear Sirs,

I am currently a Magistrate based in the UK. I along with my family have been considering moving to Texas for the last 6 months. However from researching the city and so many reported cases of police brutality this most definitely is not a place I would wish to raise my children.

The fact that no action has been taken clearly shows the hypocrisy of the American system. You appear to be ready to spread and support the idea of free society yet your own people are so backwards.

It is so interesting to actually generate facts on the American people. Everything from your waistlines to the percentage who actually have ever travelled outside of the USA gives reason for great discussion. You may be advanced in terms of technology however your great nation lags far behind other countries in terms of your culture and beliefs.

I firmly believe that taking no action against these officers send out the absolute wrong message about your nation. Please consider how you would feel it your family were subjected to this kind of treatment. How on earth can your city possibly require officers of this moral standing? Taking no action gives venom to the many anti USA supporters both internally inside the US and internationally.

America may of once been the greatest nation on the earth but its these exactly policies which has most definitely taken that title right away from you.

PS please do not ignore our plea for JUSTICE. There is both a moral and legal duty for you to act. No righteous moral person could possibly ever look over these events without taking action!
2524 November 17, 2011 gurleen dhaliwal
2523 April 19, 2009 Karen Uppal Whatever happened was terrible and should not happen again, Americans need to stop being ignorant and have respect for other religions and cultures. Sikhs are not terrorists
2522 March 23, 2009 Anonymous Its a shame and if it is true I hope you liable for the actions of the officers. You are in charge and your children will act if you have not disciplined them properly. Remember one this we are all foreigners in this land even though you are born in USA. We are all foreigners. Shame on you.
2521 March 19, 2009 Anonymous This is unacceaptable! We look for law enforcment to protect us, not abuse us. If we cant look towards the goverment for justice then who will we turn to? Please to justice in this case so that it never happens again.
2520 March 11, 2009 Praveen Samaroo
2519 March 03, 2009 Anonymous
2518 February 11, 2009 Anonymous Cop's training should have a subject that tells about Sikh religion. Judge Emmet i think you should badly penalize the cops.
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