CORPS: Reveal Locations of 80-Plus Floodwalls with "Performance Concerns"


Demand that Ms. Jo Ellen Darcy, head of the Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works, reveal the locations of 80-plus flood walls nationwide which have been identified as having "potential performance concerns."

We are at risk and we deserve to know more!

We know that after the failure of I-walls in New Orleans during Katrina, the Army Corps of Engineers re-wrote the standards for building I-walls nationwide.

Engineering Technical Letter (ETL 1110-2-575) issued in Washington DC in 2011 stated the Corps will go back to the 17th Street, London and Orleans Avenue Canals in New Orleans and do more work for seepage control and for better stability.

But the ETL also states there are many more locations in the nation with "potential performance concerns." There's this from page 1:

"Investigations of the hurricane risk reduction systems in Louisiana identified possible deficiencies in the guidance used to design I-walls. The design deficiencies centered on the phenomenon of a gap formed by flood loading between sheet pile and the soil on the flooded side of the wall. This gap contributed to several breaches of I-walls in New Orleans prior to their overtopping related to global stability or seepage. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) therefore issued guidance regarding these deficiencies

The compilation of data and site inspections required in this guidance was considered Phase I of a multiphase approach to evaluating existing I-walls under USACE jurisdiction throughout the United States. Phase II Interim Guidance was then prepared and disseminated to help Districts evaluate and identify projects that may be at risk of poor performance. This effort resulted in the identification of over 50 projects with potential performance concerns. Most of the projects not meeting the criteria of the Phase II guidance failed to meet factors of safety for rotational stability or the check of a minimum ratio of 2.5 for depth of penetration to wall height."


Furthermore, sources to say the actual number is more than 80 locations.

I, the undersigned, demand to know the locations of the I-wall projects with potential performance concerns as described in ETL-1110-2-575.

We are at risk and we deserve to know more!
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