Letter to Director of George Bush Museum

Demand that the Director of the President Bush Museum,
which operates on $6 million of annual taxpayer dollars,
REVISE its exhibit to include the failed federal levees 
during Katrina and the failed federal response. 

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551 11 months ago Dennis Formento
550 1 year ago Anonymous the bush museum should not erase what really happened
549 1 year ago dot wilson
548 1 year ago Anonymous I was in the fifth year of caring for our mother who had Alzheimer's. We were living in a rented house at the time of the flood. She was only 69 then and was in the mid stages of the disease. ...
547 1 year ago Anonymous
546 1 year ago emilia Aguinaga
545 1 year ago Anonymous The leaders of the free world should not need to hide behind lies and false histories. If we truly mean to be the real Leaders of the Free World, we must have the courage to be honest about our mis...
544 1 year ago Marian Tallon
543 1 year ago clare cramer
542 1 year ago carole yano
541 1 year ago Jill Cazaubon
540 1 year ago Pamela Lyles George Bush needs to tell the truth about what happened.
539 1 year ago Anonymous Lavern Cowart
538 1 year ago yann beauvois
537 1 year ago Angela Joachim
536 1 year ago Kayla Mallery
535 1 year ago Pamela McCall
534 1 year ago Mary Mysing-Gubala
533 1 year ago Donna LeBouef
532 1 year ago Donald McNabb
531 1 year ago Anonymous
530 1 year ago barbara gaston
529 1 year ago Deborah Coleman
528 1 year ago michele eliezer I believe that Presidents Bush's dismal response to Katrina should be recognized in the Library reflecting one of his many failures as the leader of this nation. Also, the failure of the Corps shoul...
527 1 year ago Karen Lagasse
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