Letter to Director of George Bush Museum

Demand that the Director of the President Bush Museum,
which operates on $6 million of annual taxpayer dollars,
REVISE its exhibit to include the failed federal levees 
during Katrina and the failed federal response. 

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Number Date Name
508 8.3 years ago Horacio Molina
507 8.3 years ago Moya Hambridge
506 8.3 years ago carol gemelli
505 8.3 years ago Bronwyn Dixon
504 8.3 years ago Amelia Ladreyt
503 8.3 years ago Brian West Get the facts straight.
502 8.3 years ago Denise Smith
501 8.3 years ago Anonymous
500 8.3 years ago Anne Haggerty Hold Bush accountable for this horrendous failure that resulted in death and destruction of one of our best cities.
499 8.3 years ago Mary Broome
498 8.3 years ago Mary Ann Breen
497 8.3 years ago Aimee Hayes My grandfather drowned in our family home. He was a lifelong member of the Republican Party (and a decorated WWII POW)--I bet he would join me in saying Shame on you. Embrace your history fl...
496 8.3 years ago Lindy Brown Make it right!
495 8.3 years ago John J Colomb III
494 8.3 years ago Tami Calliope I beg you not to indulge in the revisionist history the U.S. is famous for. As it stands, your exhibit is the calcification of a lie. Let the museum tell it as it was: a MAN-MADE DISASTER, A CRIM...
493 8.3 years ago Andrew Roth
492 8.3 years ago Betty Bonura This was a man made diaster caused by the Corps of Engineers not a natural diaster.
491 8.3 years ago Ken Cryer This was criminal failure. At least tell the true story.
490 8.3 years ago Barbara Gilbert
489 8.3 years ago Will Dawes
488 8.3 years ago Darlene Guillit Please state the Katrina history as it actually happened.
487 8.3 years ago Brenda Perrott Williamson
486 8.3 years ago Bernard Waldmann
485 8.3 years ago Barbara Luton Having lost my house and all my possessions, I still have not recuperated either financailly or emotionally since 2005. I was cheated by contractors, workers, looters, insurance agents, inferior pr...
484 8.3 years ago Sherry Lenz N.O. zip code before Katrina was 70122.
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