Sat, Apr 20, 2019
10:00 AM - 11:15 AM

Annual Levee Breach Bike Tour

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The 8th annual Levee Breach Bike Tour has more sights! Guided by founder Sandy Rosenthal, the 75-minute tour starts at the Flooded House Museum at 4918 Warrington Drive near City Park in New Orleans. Riders will see seven other points of interest including the Levee Exhibit Hall and two levee breach sites (London Avenue Canal). Tour ends with an optional guided tour of the permanent pump station by Gerard Gillen, Operations Director for the SLFPA-East.
NOTE: You must bring your own bike. 

The Levee Breach Bike Tour encourages
people to get out of their cars, come together,

and learn more about 
the worst civil engineering
disaster in US history. 
Cyclists can view the breach
sites and also the neighborhoods most affected
by the Army Corps of Engineers' levee
design mistakes made in the 1980s.

Event Location

Flooded House Museum
4918 Warrington Drive
New Orleans, LA 70122

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