Green Party of the United States

How to Volunteer with the Green Party

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Green Party!

We encourage you to get involved through your state or local Green Party. If you submit your contact information below, we will forward it to your state party. You can also find your state here and contact your state party directly. They can tell you more about what may be going on near you 

You may also want to get involved through the Young Greens.  See their website at,  Facebook at or email

There may not be a Green Party in your state, or near where you live.   We have some ways for you to plug in to volunteer activities with GPUS.  Also, you may be interested in working with a GPUS national committee.  To find out more, please email us at

In some states, you can also register as a Green Party voter. Contact your local Board of Elections for information for your state.

If you live in the Washington, D.C area, you may be able to volunteer in our office or become an intern. Please email if you are interested.

Also, check out our discussion forum

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