There is a crisis in access to dental care in Washington

In communities across the state our dental health care system is failing. Access to care is unequal and inadequate. Low-income people, rural and tribal communities, and people with disabilities and seniors can’t get the care we need to stay healthy. Without routine and preventive care, people suffer and get sicker. Kids struggle in school and parents miss work. Small problems become dangerous health crises.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The evidence is clear that mid-level providers provide safe and effective routine and preventive care.

Dentists who care for our communities should have the freedom to hire this provider, and build a dental team that meets the needs of local communities. Our children should have the chance for a better future, with a dental health care system that works better for all of us.

Tell the leadership of the WSDA to stop standing in the way of a solution that will get more people the care we need to stay healthy.

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