Our Neighborhood is Not a Highway

One week ago, there was an awful crash at Ocean Parkway and Church Avenue, near the entrance to the Prospect Expressway, which took like the life of our neighbor, Ngozi Agbim. The news was truly heartbreaking. We’ve been working for years to fix that intersection. But we were too late to prevent the tragedy that took Ngozi’s life.

Last year, in our participatory budgeting vote, over 600 neighbors voted to allocate $200,000 to install a pedestrian median (between the north-bound and south-bound lanes, on the north side of the intersection), to make it safer to cross the nine lanes of traffic. New York City DOT has signed off on the community’s proposal and is ready to move forward.

Instead, NYS DOT has proposed eliminating the crosswalk entirely, even though it’s an important connection between bus lines, schools, and neighborhoods. The State’s rejection of this proposal is unacceptable. Without the crosswalk, residents would have to walk a nearly a block out of their way and wait for three crossing signals instead of one. Cars would speed by even faster. And many pedestrians would certainly still cross there anyway, far more exposed to speed, danger, and future tragedies.

Please join me in calling on the New York State Department of Transportation to implement these changes before another crash occurs.


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Inspector General for the NYPD

Independent oversight would help the NYPD work more efficiently and effectively, while also ensuring that our civil liberties are protected.

Help End Credit Discrimination

The use of credit reports to discriminate against job applicants is on the rise, with over 60% of employers nationwide using the credit histories of prospective employees to inform their hiring decisions.

Participatory Budgeting

What does your neighborhood need? An improved park? Safer streets? New school technology? In participatory budgeting, you give your ideas and City Councilmember Brad Lander has set aside $1 million to fund them. And your votes will decide which projects get funded.

Come to a neighborhood assembly and give your idea.

Shop Local

According to the "Saving Independent Retail" brief from the Pratt Center, "local businesses poured 68 percent of their revenue back into the local community, while for local chains the return was only 43%".

Find more compelling arguments for shopping and dining local here, and learn ways to become involved in supporting the cause.



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