Get toxics out of our furniture! (ACTION EXPIRED)

    Urge Gov. Brown to adopt a non-toxic fire safety standard. Read more.

    Dear Governor Brown,

    I urge you to replace Technical Bulletin 117 of the Bureau of Home Furnishings & Thermal Insulation with a non-toxic fire safety standard.

    TB 117 has not prevented home fires. It has saturated furniture with toxic halogenated flame retardant chemicals. These chemicals migrate into the dust in our homes and from there, into our bodies.

    Studies found that the blood streams of pregnant women and infants in California contain the world's highest concentrations of flame retardant chemicals. These chemicals are linked to neurological damage, reproductive harm, thyroid disruption and other adverse health effects.

    The Chicago Tribune exposed how chemical manufacturers paid a burn doctor to travel to Sacramento, where he lied to legislators about the dire consequences of altering TB 117. This industry spent $23 million in the past five years to defeat bills that would have created a non-toxic alternative to TB 117.

    We urge you to use your regulatory authority to repeal TB 117, and replace it with a furniture smolder resistance standard based on the Consumer Products Safety Commission's draft standard. This draft standard addresses the way that fires actually spread.

    Our homes should be fire safe and non-toxic. Replacing TB 117 with a new smolder resistance standard accomplishes these goals.

    This petition is no longer active.

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