Democracy Now: Help Repeal California's 2/3's Budget Rule

California is one of only three states that requires a two-thirds vote in the legislature to pass a budget. This rule empowers a small cabal of extremist lawmakers to hold the state budget hostage until their demands are included in any final agreement. Now California taxpayers will suffer the consequences.

This year, as California's economy teetered on the brink of insolvency, a small minority of ultra-conservative legislators refused to support a bipartisan budget agreement unless their proposals were adopted. To keep our government, schools and health clinics running, the majority was forced to include rollbacks of environmental and toxics regulations, regressive tax increases on working families, supersized tax breaks for big corporations, and drastic cuts in education, public safety, and healthcare.

This year's budget fiasco has created an outcry for governance reform. We must re-assert the democratic principle of majority rule and end the tyranny of an out of touch minority. We are gathering names now to gear up for a ballot measure fight next year. Help us end the 2/3's rule and take back control of our government.

Sign up today to help build a winning ballot measure campaign in 2010!

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