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Thank You, Judge!

Last night's court decision was a huge win for those of us on the side of equal rights.  The discriminatory law, known as Proposition 8, was deemed unconstitutional by Judge Vaughn Walker. 

Aside from standing up for a discriminated class, Judge Walker's decision undermined the validity of the arguments that the proponents of Proposition 8 have used to scare voters.  ADA is going to deliver a special Thank You card to the Judge and we invite you to join us in expressing our gratitude.

Sign the online card and we will make sure that your name and message is added to the real card that is delivered when California begins to allow all marriages again.

Judge Vaughn Walker,

Thank you for standing up and fighting for equality and the civil rights of all Americans. Millions of Americans nationwide are expressing their gratitude for your honesty and support of equal protection under the law!

Thank you again for your decision to protect the civil rights of all Americans.
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