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Stop Discriminating & Focus on the Real Problems

Americans for Democratic Action wants to send these Republicans a message --  and we hope you’ll join us..  With unemployment at 8.9% and the federal budget in crisis, we the undersigned demand you focus on what really matters… Getting America Back To Work!

We are sending a clear message to Paul Teller (the executive director of the Republican Study Committee), Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and every member of Congress that now is the time for them to do what they were elected to do:  to get America out of this recession, not to waste time and money challenging outdated discriminatory laws against the LGBT Community.

I hope you will help us fill their in-boxes in protest and ask your member of Congress not to Co-Sponsor  H.Con.Res. 25.

Stop wasting precious time and resources on the discriminatory H.Con.Res. 25. Please focus on what is important: finding ways to put Americans back to work and avoiding a government shutdown. It is time to work across the aisle and find solutions that bring this country together and not tear it apart through hatred and discrimination.
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