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Petition: Reverse the Sequester

$85 billion in automatic federal budget cuts have just kicked in.  When fully implemented, these automatic cuts (called a “sequester”):

  • Deny nutritional assistance to thousands of mothers and their infant children
  • Threaten our education system by cutting 70,000 pre-kindergarten students from the Head Start program, and 14,000 teachers
  • Take away jobless benefits for over 3.8 million people seeking employment, and deny job counseling to thousands of U.S. veterans
  • Batter countless other vital public services.  Learn how it affects your state here.

What Can YOU Do To Stop the Cuts?

SIGN THE PETITION urging your Senators to pursue federal deficit reduction through higher taxes on the wealthy and closing corporate tax loopholes, NOT cuts to programs that support the middle class and poor.

Dear Senators:

America’s working families did not create the federal debt crisis, so we shouldn't be expected to bear the burden of fixing it. The sequester cuts endanger childhood nutrition, student aid and many other programs of vital importance to the middle class and poor. We, your constituents, urge you to be a leader in replacing the devastating cuts of the sequester with fair taxes on wealthy households and multinational corporations.
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