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Pass the President's Budget

President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2010 budget provides a visionary blueprint that turns away from the failed economic policies of the past and seeks to invest in our future by expanding opportunities for all. His budget commits major investments in health care reform, education, and clean energy, while restoring fairness to our tax system and reducing military expenditures over time in a responsible manner. It builds upon the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to protect Americans from the damaging impact of the recession and sows seeds of a sustainable prosperity.

We strongly urge Congress to follow the priorities set forth in the President’s blueprint: “A New Era of Responsibility – Renewing America’s Promise” in developing its own Budget Resolution.

It is our firm belief that if these priorities are enacted, we will turn back the harsh trend of rising poverty, unemployment, hunger and homelessness. We can extend opportunity and security for families in all walks of life by expanding health care coverage, making college more affordable, supporting the financial and nutritional needs of low income families, expanding affordable housing, investing in a far-reaching policy that will develop clean sources of energy and protect the planet by reducing global warming pollution, and generate good jobs to rebuild our middle class.

These steps will set the federal budget on a responsible path – meeting the needs of families and making long-term investments in our nation’s future while gradually reducing the deficit. We call upon Congress to follow and build upon the President’s lead in crafting its Budget Resolution, recognizing that there is no time to waste in meeting the nation’s long-deferred needs.