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Important Action AGAINST Offshore Drilling

Even as sea turtles and other fragile wildlife fight a failing battle against the Deep Horizon oil spill and fishing and tourism industries of the Gulf coast face an uncertain future, the U.S. Senate may actually pass legislation that would expand offshore oil drilling as part of its climate change bill!  

In another bid for conservative support that is unlikely to materialize (remember health care reform?), Senate leaders have “sweetened” legislation meant to reduce our reliance on carbon-based energy by throwing in incentives to drill in the environmentally-fragile waters off our coasts. Was the Deep Horizon disaster enough to open their eyes to the dangers of this backwards policy? Make sure they get the message by signing on to the petition today!

Remember:  42,000 gallons of oil are currently spilling into the ocean an hour... so that's roughly 30 gallons a minute.  In the time it takes to send this petition, another 60 gallons of oil has leaked into the sea.  Do something about it and send this to 5 of your friends and ask them to join you!