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Investigate Justices Thomas and Scalia NOW!

We at Americans for Democratic Action were outraged by the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision in Citizens United vs.  Federal Election Commission, 130 S. Ct. 876 (2010). That decision ended the restrictions on corporate political spending on elections that had been in place since 1947!

The ruling opened the spigot for more than 280 million dollars to flow from corporate groups in the 2010 elections.  In essence, they used the Citizens United decision to attack our liberals in Congress and for vicious misleading attacks on the House to Republican hands.  

Thanks to the work of progressive allies, we’ve learned that both Justices Thomas and Scalia participated in Tea Party political strategy sessions.  There is also a potential undisclosed financial conflict of interest with Justice Thomas due to his wife’s role as CEO of Liberty Central, an organization that benefited from the Citizens United decision and played an active role in the 2010 elections.

We are asking Attorney General Eric Holder to formally investigate these claims, but we need your help to get their attention.  The American people have a right to know if the impartiality of Justices Thomas and Scalia was skewed by political or monetary motives.

Please add your name to the ever growing list of supporters, and we will personally deliver the ADA petition signed by you to Attorney General Eric Holder’s office.

Help us increase the impact of this petition.  Forward it to your friends, family and re-post on facebook and twitter!