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Support Students -- Support S 2343

Tomorrow, the Senate plans to vote on whether to start debating a plan to control spiraling student loan interest rates.  The future of our nature depends on the education of our workforce and children.  When it is cheaper to go to Harvard than a public state university, it's a strong indicator that we need to take a real and serious look at the costs of higher education.  Without this debate and action, 7.4 million students will have their college loan interest rates double on July 1st.

While both parties agree that the current 3.4% interest rate should be frozen for another year, they disagree entirely on how to pay for it.  At a $6 billion dollars price tag, Democrats would pay for this necessary measure by collecting more Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes from high-earning owners of some privately held corporations.  The Republicans cringe at notion of having the 1% chip in, and instead are advocating financing it by eliminating a preventive health program established by the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans are expected to block the tomorrow’s vote in favoring of using the tax loophole for the rich to fund the extended interest rate.  Please send your Senator the message below and urge them to put education above the 1%.