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Petition: Show Your Returns!

The entire country is abuzz about Mitt Romney’s latest gaffe, but Americans for Democratic Action believes Senate Majority Leader Reid hit the nail on the head with his statement on the Senate floor yesterday.  Senator Reid said Romney's latest comments were a “rare look at the real Mitt Romney.” 

Let’s take a look at who the Real Romney really is.  Willard Mitt Romney:

  • Was born into a multimillionaire family;
  • Had a father who was a Governor and then a CEO; he then became Governor and CEO himself;
  • Made his millions as CEO for a company that invested in outsourcing jobs to China and India;
  • Believes that earning $250,000 a year qualifies as middle class income;
  • Feels at home talking with a group of fellow 1%ers, at a $50,000 a plate fundraisers, and is willing to risk his presidential bid over some arrogant and abhorrent comments.  See it for yourself here;
  • Has stated more than once that, as President of the United States, he will easily write off a large group of Americans;
  • And here’s the kicker...while Romney flippantly writes off almost half of the American people for paying no income taxes, he refuses to release his own tax returns!
  • And the list goes on and on...

The bottom line...The Real Romney is out of touch with most Americans!  Help us reveal more of The Real Romney.  Americans for Democratic Action calls on Mitt Romney to step up and show some "personal responsibility" and reveal himself, starting with his own tax records! 

Sign the ADA petition calling for Romney to release his tax history.  Better yet, sign the petition and tell us why you think Romney may not want to reveal his own taxes, but feels free to write off students, the military, our senior citizens and the working poor.  We don't have hidden money in Swiss Banks or the Cayman Islands.  Do you, Mitt?

Sign the petition
below today and we’ll deliver your comments to the Mitt Romney for President campaign, and the Republican National Committee.