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PA Proportional Allocation Action

We are only a few months into the new year and our state's Republican leaders have a new bag of tricks up their sleeves designed to rig the election.  This month PA Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R) plans on introducing legislation to re-allocate Pennsylvania's electoral votes to the Republican presidential candidate - regardless of who wins the state as a whole.  Under Pileggi's plan Mitt Romney would have been awarded extra electoral votes; votes that if enough states adopt a similar plan could turn the election in favor of the Republican candidate.

You would think the GOP would have learned their lesson after the burdensome voter ID laws they passed in 2012 failed in the courts and did not stop determined Pennsylvanians from standing for hours in long lines to make sure our voices were heard.  Now the old dogs are ready to roll out their latest election rigging tricks.  Contact your state Senator and Governor Corbett and tell them to vote against Pileggi's
proportional allocation proposal.

Americans for Democratic Action believes that instead of devising new tricks to stack the deck in their favor, Republicans should reevaluate their extreme views and policies.  Pennsylvanians have spoken loud and clear.  We don't want Social Security privatized, we don't want Medicare downsized, we don't want tax breaks given to companies that ship jobs overseas and we don't want our votes to be manipulated for their political gain!  Contact your state Senator and Governor Corbett and tell them to change their policies instead of trying to change our votes.