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Take Action to Support the Back to Work Budget

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives will vote on the progressive “Back to Work” budget, proposed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus.   The “Back to Work” budget is focused on raising revenue, ending the ongoing jobs crisis, investing in our communities and ensuring that all Americans and corporations pay their fair share in taxes.  

The GOP budget is not about saving money, it’s about destroying critical programs that benefit working Americans: transforming Medicare into a voucher program; cutting Medicaid and food stamps and turning over what’s left to state governments;  ignoring infrastructure, and impoverishing education.  All these program cuts are at stake, yet the Ryan budget finds room for millionaires and corporations to receive at least $200,000 in new tax cuts, adding an additional $5.7 trillion to the deficit.  

We can’t let that happen.  

Rather than Ryan’s plan to protect millionaires and big businesses, the “Back to Work” budget protects all Americans by: 

  • Closing tax loopholes for millionaires and corporations so that everyone pays their fair share
  • Investing in education to modernize schools and rehire teachers
  • Creating at least 7 million new jobs in the next year, working to lower the unemployment rate to 5%
  • Improving America’s crumbling infrastructure, putting people back to work while repairing bridges and roads in communities across the country
  • Investing in protecting America’s unparalleled natural resources and addressing climate change
  • Reducing defense spending to more efficient and effective levels

These are the values that America voted for in November. These are the investments that our country needs to strengthen the middle class and create a better future for our children and grandchildren. We can’t let right-wing extremists hijack the conversation: let your representatives know that this is the budget we need.