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Support Single-Payer Health Care

Today many politicians promise us "universal health care," but usually they only mean that the government (taxpayers) would help us buy private insurance, an overly expensive, ineffective, cumbersome way toward a worthy goal.

For decades, ADA has advocated a single-payer health care system as the fairest, most efficient, most affordable path to real universal high-quality health care. HR 676 the Unites States National Health  Act, which had 90 co-sponsors in the 110th Congress, is a good single-payer bill.  We urge you to make use of the model letter here, with any changes you choose to make, to write your Representative, asking him or her to be a co-sponsor of the bill, and your two Senators, asking them to introduce a companion bill in the Senate.

Find out if your lawmaker is already a co-sponsor here.  If so, call them at 202-224-3121 and ask they stand firm in support of HR. 676 and seek out additional co-sponsors.