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Spring ADA Today Released!

The latest edition of our quarterly publication ADA Today is out!  Find out more about ADA’s famous Congressional Voting Record, experience our lobbying trip to Annapolis for marriage equality, and read an essay by civil rights icon Senator John Lewis on the fight for public workers and public services! The spring issue of ADA Today is available here.

The Debt Ceiling Stakes

Today, the U.S. government will hit the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, or the amount the U.S. is legally allowed to borrow to fund federal operations and programs.  Although Speaker Boehner (R-OH) has stated that he wants to make a deal, he wants $2 trillion in cuts and has ruled out additional tax revenues – such as lifting the Bush-era tax-cuts on the top 2% or eliminating subsidies for the big oil companies that continue to make obscene profits – from the negotiation table.  What’s at stake?  Employee pensions, American credit and invaluable government programs, such as Medicare and Social Security.  Read ADA featured contributor Bob Lucore’s blog for more details.

Drum Roll Please…

Over the past two weeks, we’ve revealed our list of the Top 10 Reasons to Reject Ryan.  

  1. SNAP Out of it:  Cutting Food Stamps
  2. A Taxing Proposal:  Cutting Revenue When it’s Needed Most
  3. Falling Through the Donut Hole, Again
  4. Anti Tax-Cuts for Small Businesses
  5. Foolproof Way to Cut Medicaid Costs:  Stop Treating Patients
  6. Closing College Doors on Low-Income Students
  7. Ending Medicare:  Worse Coverage, Costs More
  8. Pack Granny Up, She’s Moving into the Nursing Home!
  9. Just Don’t Get Sick During a Recession
  10. Radically Shrink Human Needs Programs to Save the Rich from Fair Tax Rates

Read more about what Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget is actually pitching and why we strongly disagree with each of these proposals. 


  • Last week in Delaware, Gov. Jack Markell signed a civil union bill that will provide legal protections and benefits for same-sex couples.  It’s not full marriage equality, but it’s a good step.
  • ADA’s Working Families Win (WFW) project is working in New Hampshire to keep the state from adopting a so-called “right-to-work” initiative.  In addition to public education on the issue, WFW is gathering support from state legislators to sustain Gov. Lynch’s veto of this tea-party driven bill.
  • The annual ADA Roosevelt Day Dinner will be held next Wednesday, May 25th by the New York City ADA Chapter.  The event will honor Lawrence Hanley, President, Amalgamated Transit Union.  Please contact the NYC ADA Chapter at 212.367.8883 for more information.

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