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Talk of the Nation - Details on the Debt Deal

Image courtesy of Renjith KrishnanDemocrats switched defense cuts for tax increases in the debt deal reported last night.  The deal averted a government default by paving the way for a boost in federal borrowing authority. Included in the immediate “down payment” on deficit reduction is $350 billion in Pentagon reductions over 10 years (albeit paired with $650 billion in domestic cuts).  And the threatened $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts built into the deal to ensure future compromise would be shared equally between domestic and security programs.  Democrats also succeeded in shielding Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare benefits (though not providers) and other unspecified “programs for low-income families” from the automatic cuts.

Nonetheless, liberals are understandably outraged that the deal includes not one penny of increased revenue from even the richest American individuals and corporations.  Commentators bemoan the intransigent Members of Congress, who were willing to risk financial disaster in order to protect the nation's wealthiest citizens from shared sacrafice. 

"It's not a deal that ADA can support or urge progressive and liberal Members of Congress to support."  said Michael J. Wilson, ADA's National Director.  "This deal is a long way from shared sacrifice - it is actually sacrificing the nation's ability to deal with the critical economic challenges facing America at a time when we can least afford it."

ADA Education Fund Briefs Congress on Marriage Equality

Last week, the ADA Education Fund hosted a stellar panel of experts to discuss the fight for marriage equality in America.  Watch the briefing here or check out the photos on our flickr page.

Bleak Jobs Report Expected

While Washington has been consumed with the debt ceiling debacle, the jobs crisis has been largely ignored.  The Department of Labor will release the latest jobs numbers on Friday, and economists predict slow growth.  The new debt deal does not include critical unemployment extension benefits which are set to expire at the end of the year.  The debt deal will not help the millions of unemployed Americans, or the need for new jobs.  Thus, ADA will continue to call for real jobs proposals, such as H.Res. 216 and H.R. 494.  To ignore the unemployment crisis is to ignore the root of our revenue problem (the other root being the lack of a fair tax system.)


  • ADA Northeastern Illinois President Rich Means wrote this oped on voter suppression laws, which is running in papers across the country.  Read the oped here!
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